We do home inspections for buyers, home inspections for sellers, home inspections for investors, and home inspections for realtors or real estate agents. We also do partial inspections on items such as roofs, HVAC systems, foundations, decks, plumbing, and electrical components in any house or property. We are Radon Inspection Certified and can test your home for radon. Call us for more details.


Foundations & Brickwork
Home inspection on electrical components
Electrical & HVAC Systems
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Brick, block, fireplaces, and stone sometimes will settle. We can let you know the condition of the foundation and any brick work in the property. Have peace of mind knowing the foundation and structure system is in good condition on the property.

Old electrical wiring and electrical components can be a fire hazzard in any home. It is a good idea to know the condition of wiring and making sure the home has enough service for your needs. HVAC systems are also checked in our inspections, we can determine age and condition of the unit.

Decks are a great addition to any home and they provide a nice place to enjoy the outdoors. They also can be hazzard if not attached to the home correctly, built out of solid materials, or not built correctly. Having one checked is a great idea for your safety.

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The roof on a home is very important. It must be kept in good shape to protect your investment. It is the main component in protecting all of your investment from water damage. We can tell you the condition of the roof, its life expectancy, and what you need to have done to maintain the roof in the future.


Plumbing is another main item we check on every inspection. We make sure there are no leaks that may have caused damage in the past. We check for potential problems that might arise in the future with bad plumbing. We also check installations on tubs, showers, comodes, and sinks.

Structural, Windows, & More

We check the structural condition of the home such as  floors, walls, rafters, and look for signs of moisture, rot, and other damage. We look closely around windows, doors, and foundations to make sure they are in good condition. You can be assured, when we inspect a home, we will give you a detailed report with our findings.