Why Home Inspections Are Needed

A home is one of the largest investments we may ever make, know what you are buying before you buy. It is the safest way to make sure the property you are looking at is a safe investment. Some lending companies require an inspection before closing on the home. Some do not require one. If you are buying it without financing the home you aren't required to have one, but it is a safe measure to have one done, it is a peace of mind closing for an investor. Here are a few good reasons for a home inspection

1. As a seller: as a seller, if you have an inspection done prior to listing the home, it gives the potential buyer a good feeling knowing the home has been inspected and any problems have been documented. You can also show where you have made the repairs in your documentation as well.

2. As a Buyer: if you are a buyer and have not seen or had an inspection done, now is the time to make that call. You need to know what you are buying before you sign any contract. Buying a home that is represented as good condition with no problems could have hidden damage that might not be visible to the average person. A home inspector knows what to check on a home and will find these issues.

3. As a Realtor: Your clients will have peace of mind knowing the home has had an inspection and has checked out in good condition and if any problems were forund they have been addressed. A home inspection is like a carfax report for a home!

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