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We have 25 years of experience in building and construction. We are a NC Licensed Home Inspection Service that is fully insured. You can count on is to make your home inspection the best it can possibly be. With our experience, we see the major and minor concerns on the home and will report them to the client and explain them in detail from repairs to concerns.

What we inspect at the home:

The landscape, sometimes the way a lot is laid out it will push water towards the home and foundation areas. We check this and make sure it is not the case with the property. Having adequate drainage on the property is a must for foundations and keeping moisture out of your basement.

The home itself, we check all of the home and its components. From plumbing, electrical, roof, doors and windows, foundations, decks and porches, flooring, dry wall, stairs, steps, carpet, paint, HVAC systems, and everything in the home to make sure it is operating correctly and structurally sound. We also check for moisture and mold.

Once we have performed a thorough inspection we will sit down with the client and discuss our findings. Sometimes this will require attention and sometimes it will not require anything. If the home needs attention we will walk you through the repairs that could be needed and explain them in terms you can understand. We make sure our clients know and understand the issues we find and the process of repairing the issues.

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